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At VISU Energy, we are committed to providing personalized and innovative energy solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.


At VISU Energy, we provide innovative and sustainable energy solutions for the construction sector, optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings while reducing their carbon footprint.

We offer energy monitoring and audit solutions adapted to the needs of the construction sector :

Valise VISU Energy

- Energy adaptability: VISU adapts to all energy sources (RTE arrival, generators, batteries) and electrical distribution solutions (metering cabinets, multi-output TGBT, divisional cabinets)

- Versatility of use: VISU is compatible with various uses on construction sites, such as camp sites, cranes, and heating systems

- Intelligent monitoring: thanks to sensors connected to the VISU box case, the consumption of the different sources and sub-feeds are measured independently, facilitating the identification of phantom consumption and abusive standbys

- Advanced monitoring options: VISU offers real-time alerts, a personalized monitoring platform, and periodic energy audit reports for better understanding and management of construction site energy consumption.

They trusted us...

We're thrilled to be part of Impulse Partner's Constructions & Bâtiments incubator, an innovation accelerator dedicated to the construction and building sector. Their mission aligns with our values, fostering collaboration between innovative startups and industry leaders to drive the digital and ecological transformation of these industries.

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CSR in the construction sector

The construction sector faces major challenges in environmental and social sustainability, representing more than 34% of global energy demand and nearly 37% of CO2 emissions. To address these challenges, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is emerging as a crucial solution, involving considerations such as the environmental impacts of projects, structural and worker safety, effective management of building lifecycle, and combating corruption. Integrating CSR into industry practices helps contribute to more sustainable and balanced development.

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