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Valises VISU Energy

VISU Energy :

Stands out for its innovative and sustainable approach to energy optimization of events. We rely on in-depth technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of instrumentation and the events industry to offer monitoring solutions that meet power continuity challenges.

A unique rental monitoring solution

Our onboard energy monitoring system represents a set of devices and technologies used to monitor and manage energy consumption in real time during large-scale events, such as festivals, concerts, conferences or sporting events . This device is also suitable for the construction and civil engineering sectors, and in certain cases industry for in-depth assessments.

Here are some key aspects of this type of system :


Real-time monitoring

These systems enable real-time monitoring of energy consumption for various facilities and equipment (lighting, sound systems, screens, stands).


Energy management

They help optimize energy use, by identifying the most energy-intensive equipment and suggesting actions to reduce consumption.


Data gathering

The collected data can be used to analyze energy consumption after the event, to improve the efficiency of future events.


Cost reduction

By optimizing energy usage, event organizers can effectively reduce operational costs.




Effective energy tracking helps reduce the carbon footprint of the event, which is increasingly important in the context of environmental responsibility.


Alerts and notifications

The system can send alerts in case of overconsumption or equipment failure, enabling prompt intervention.


Integration with other systems

It can be integrated with event infrastructure management systems for an overview of the operation.


Reports and analytics

Post-event, detailed reports can be generated to assess energy performance and identify areas for improvement in future events.

Our approach : 

  • A non-intrusive solution: We favor solutions that do not impact the progress of the event and do not require any modification to existing infrastructure.

  • A digital approach: We use digital technologies to collect precise, real-time data on the energy consumption of your event.

  • Personalized expertise: Each event is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your specific needs and offer personalized solutions that fit perfectly with your constraints and your objectives.

  • A committed approach: We are committed to the energy transition and support you in reducing your environmental impact.

Customer Cases :

Energy monitoring and optimization for fashion show

Objective: Monitor and analyze energy consumption during fashion show, in order to identify opportunities for optimization and reduction.

Scope: VISU Energy has installed energy monitoring equipment in four key locations:

  • The four Enedis TGBTs

  • The base camp

  • The heating system

  • The set’s sound, light and video system


  • 60% of the 400Amp start was useful on the Hair N Make Up station with 225 Amp recorded during the day

  • The stage device mobilized a significant standby consumption around 60 Amp with a rather good phase balance

  • The heating system (excluding fuel) consumed less energy than estimated with a peak of 75 kW

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