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Discover the different uses of our solutions for complete and personalized energy management according to your needs.

The counting

Know how much the most demanding stations consume.


VISU Energy offers innovative “plug and play” tools to measure and analyze energy consumption on various installations.


By using easy-to-deploy equipment, we provide our customers with a detailed view of their energy usage, helping them identify optimization opportunities and make informed decisions to reduce costs and improve the energy efficiency of their projects.

100% of events are oversized from an energy point of view

Le comptage énergétique

The monitoring of installations

VISU Energy offers real-time performance monitoring to ensure maximum efficiency.

Independent supervision on different feeders responds to the supply continuity challenges required for major events or sensitive installations.


Thanks to our expertise, we quickly identify potential problems and intervene proactively to ensure the proper functioning of energy systems and reassure the technical teams.

70% of electrical problems are due to poor energy management

Energy optimization

VISU Energy offers tailor-made solutions to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of installations.


Thanks to our in-depth expertise, we identify optimization opportunities and indicate to our partners the best energy strategies to adopt on their projects.


Address the energy efficiency of the project in consultation with the CSR teams and technical teams.

75% of the energy deployed or planned for an event is not used because a lack of knowledge of real needs

L'optimisation énergétique
La décarbonation

The decarbonization

VISU Energy is committed to offering innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of energy installations.


We develop personalized strategies to replace polluting energy sources with cleaner, more sustainable alternatives.


By combining technical expertise and environmental awareness, we help our clients achieve their goals and actively contribute to the fight against climate change.

70% of carbon emissions from an event come from non-optimized energy sources

The energy audit

VISU Energy offers comprehensive audits to identify inefficiencies and propose solutions for improvement.


By analyzing energy consumption in detail and evaluating the performance of installations, we provide detailed reports with precise recommendations for technical teams and organizers.

70% of decision-makers in this sector do not know what 1 kWh represents

L'audit énergétique
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