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Who are we ?

The origin of this unique approach is the result of close collaboration between 2 enthusiasts from two complementary sectors:

VISU Energy, an innovative company with numerous references

Founded in 2022, in Saint-Michel-sur-Orge, by Jérémie Jourdain and Philippe Wattel, VISU specializes in the analysis and optimization of energy consumption. Our expertise enables substantial savings while contributing to the energy transition and sustainability.


Winner of the Essonne Entrepreneur network and winner of the French Event Booster, the company has been able to develop and become a benchmark in the energy efficiency market.

Our references...

Marianne Hocquard

Sustainable Development & Institutional Relations Manager

" Visu's service enabled a thorough and detailed analysis of our energy consumption, on different energy sources - including some that are still highly experimental and innovative - over numerous departures and extended period. "

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David Foulon

Logistics Department

"I can confirm that we were very satisfied with the mission we entrusted to VISU during the last Tour De France to measure our electricity consumption as precisely as possible. This service and the report delivered help us to adapt and scale our organizational resources for our upcoming events."

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Tristan Ruellan

Technical manager

"The VISU solution is is a tool that allows us to reliably and accurately identify inconsistencies in our usage and the sizing of our electrical production and distribution installations."

Our Team

The VISU Energy team is made up of experts passionate about innovation and the energy transition. Drawing on their experience and know-how, they are committed to offering quality service and supporting each project towards better energy efficiency. At VISU, collaboration and excellence are at the heart of our missions.


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