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A very exposed sector where technical hazard has no place

The events industry is dynamic but energy-intensive sector, requiring innovative solutions to reduce its ecological footprint and management tools adapted to large projects.

The tools needed to master energy and accelerate decarbonization through the implementation of best practices.

Are you technical service providers, agencies, sites or technical directors?

Are you committed to an eco-responsible approach?


VISU is the partner to support you towards energy efficiency and sobriety

We offer energy monitoring and audit solutions adapted to the needs of technical service providers and organizers.

Objective: Provide event stakeholders with the necessary support for adjusted sizing of energy needs and enabling controlled energy use.

“What is not measured does not improve”

                                      Edwards Deming

- Personalized energy support: VISU Energy offers essential support to event stakeholders to adjust and manage their energy needs effectively.

- Expertise for controlled consumption : we help you effectively manage your needs in for lighting, sound, video, catering, and air conditioning.

- Precise Needs Sizing : thanks to our expertise, we support you in precisely sizing energy needs and measure consumption within desired perimeters.

- Reliable energy production solution: we ensure the correct sizing of energy needs and offer reliable and adapted electricity production solutions.

Lighting, sound, video, catering, logistics, stands, heating or even air conditioning, are all energy-consuming uses that can be independently measured and monitored.


Energy monitoring and audit solutions for the needs of technical service providers and organizers

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VISU box

  • The VISU box informs you in real time and alerts you to conditions deemed abnormal or possible malfunctions.

  • 9 feeders monitored simultaneously from connected 32/63/125A extension cords, up to 3000A.


Monitoring platform

  • Access the supervision platform to monitor in real-time the status of installations and consumptions on your personalized interface, including the names of sections, electrical constants, and all relevant information for operators.

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Audit report

  • Receive an energy audit report at the end of your event to account for your choices in energy production and distribution, define optimization avenues for the next edition, and raise awareness among your stakeholders about energy issues.

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CSR in the events sector

The events industry, despite its significant economic benefits, is increasingly moving towards eco-responsible practices. Since 2006, initiatives such as the sustainable development charter, the ISO 20121 standard and measurement tools such as Cléo have been introduced to strengthen sustainability. Cities like Marseille, labeled “Sustainable Innovative Destination”, illustrate this commitment with certifications and eco-certified programs. Major sporting events, such as the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games , are also integrating CSR , reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.

Let's work together

VISU Energy : Your informed choice for sustainable events

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